Join us for the 30/50

Equest Challenge starting September 20, 2020

Can you ride (drive, groundwork, or study) 30 out of 50 days? Join us for the challenge! 

Push yourself to improve your horsemanship. 

To complete this challenge Equest you will need to ride, drive,  groundwork, or study horsemanship for 30 out of 50 days. Use our online challenge manager to keep track of your progress. Each day you will get a lesson video with things to practice. At the end of the Equest,  those who ride for 30 days will receive a challenge coin signifying that YOU are a legend, capable of great things.  

Sample Daily lesson

30/50 Rules 

  • Kickoff is Sep 20 but new members can join any time. 

  • Members must complete 30 days out of the 50 allowed to receive the challenge coin

  • Use our online challenge manager to report your progress

  • Miniquests are small extra challenges built-in. 

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