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Join us for the 30/50

Equest Challenge

Can you ride (drive, groundwork, or study) 30 out of 50 days? Join us for the challenge! 

Push yourself to improve your horsemanship. 

To complete this challenge Equest you will need to ride, drive,  groundwork, or study horsemanship for 30 out of 50 days. We will provide you with a progress chart that you can use to track your journey, At the end of the Equest submit your progress sheet to show what you were able to accomplish. Those who ride for 30 days will receive a challenge coin signifying that YOU are a legend, capable of great things.  

In addition to the challenge, you will have access to our 30/50 forum where you can post photos and videos of your rides, ask questions from the group, and interact with other 30/50 members. There will also be above and beyond challenges called miniquests. They will be posed in the forums for you to try your hand at. They are designed to push you to step outside your comfort zone and push forward into growth.

Also on the forum, you will find new lesson videos posted daily. These video short lessons are designed to provide a systematic approach to basic horsemanship so you have a solid foundation.


They will help you gain new skills and information in a way that is easily digestible and simple. Even experienced riders will benefit greatly from a fresh look at the fundamentals.  

See our sample below

Sample Daily lesson

30/50 Rules 

  • Kickoff is April 11 but new members can join any time before May 2. 

  • Members must complete 30 days out of the 50 allowed to receive credit as a 30/50 Finisher

  • MiniQuest challenges will be given out on the forum and awarded at the end of the equest

  • Logbook is based on the honor system.

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