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CHA Level study & Testing Equest

Live Equestrian has partnered with The Certified Horsemanship Association to help riders pass their CHA riding levels.



This Equest will help you prepare and take both written and ring tests in each of the four CHA levels. Level certification is a fantastic entry-level method of accomplishing basic horsemanship for anyone looking to gain a foundation.


To certify as a rider, students must pass both a written test and a riding test (Ring Test). Live Equestrian has simplified the process. Now instead of attending a riding school, camp, or academy you can study from home and submit a video test.    

Your subscription will give you access to detailed videos that describe and demonstrate the elements of each CHA level. Additionally, you will have access to CHA certified instructors who can coach you as you prepare for each level ring and written test.  

Subscribers can upload video ring tests, and take an online written test once during their 1 month equest for evaluation by a Certified Instructor. Upon successful completion of a level, a certificate will be issued and mailed to your address. See our rules and conditions page for details on the equest. 

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