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30/50 Challenge Fall 2024

Sep 14, 2024 - Nov 3, 2024

  • 51Days


🌟 Join the 30/50 Challenge and Transform Your Horsemanship Journey! Looking to take your horsemanship skills to new heights? Look no further than the 30/50 Challenge – your ticket to progress for both you and your horse. With our motto "do a little, a lot," this challenge is designed to deliver remarkable results with minimal daily commitment. Here's what you'll get when you sign up: 🐎 Daily Lesson Videos: Access exclusive video lessons packed with valuable insights and techniques to enhance your horsemanship skills. 🎓 Expert Coaching and Support: Benefit from over 5 hours of coaching, personalized feedback, and guidance from our experienced trainers. Plus, join our weekly Facebook Live sessions or Zoom group chats every Tuesday for real-time interaction and Q&A sessions. 💬 Private Community: Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and get motivated in our private Facebook group. Interact with Scott, Teddy, and other experts, and gain valuable insights from like-minded horse enthusiasts. ✨ Earn Your 30/50 Challenge Coin: Commit to riding, driving, groundwork, or studying horsemanship for 30 out of 50 days, and earn the prestigious 30/50 challenge coin as a testament to your dedication and achievement. Requirements: A phone or computer with internet access. A Facebook account. Daily time with your horse (aim to complete 60% of the steps or 30 out of 50 days). Complete a signed liability release form to get started. Cost to Participate: Only $40 for the entire challenge! Challenge Dates: Sep 14 - Nov 3. Ready to embark on a transformative journey with your horse? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your horsemanship skills and connect with a supportive community of passionate riders. Sign up now and let's make progress together! 👉 Sign Up Now and Secure Your Spot in the 30/50 Challenge! 🐴✨

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