Jaquima to Freno

An online course covering the traditional vaquero style hackamore in an easy to understand format. The course includes video and written elements as well as coaching, interviews, and interaction. 


Basic theory and function

-Fit and adjustment

-Traditional vs Modern use

- Jaquima as an art form


Elements of the hackamore






Parts of the Bosal and its construction

-Interview with gearmakers and artisans

-Choosing the right gear for your use


Starting in the hackamore

- The first ride

- Finding center





30/50 Challenge

Can you ride 30 out of 30 days? How about 30 out of 50 days. This challenge runs twice a year and gives you the participant the chance to challenge yourself to spend dedicated time with your horse. Along the way enjoy interacting with others on the same journey via a private Facebook group. You will also gain access to our daily video lessons to help guide your rides.  Don't have a horse, no worries. You can complete the 30/50 challenge by spending time studying horsemanship. In fact, you have the option to "Ride, Drive, Groundwork, or Study" to receive credit. Those who complete the challenge will earn the 30/50 challenge coin



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