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"Do a little, a lot for your horse."
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Teddy Franke

Teddy Franke is a horse trainer, riding instructor, cowboy and farrier from north central Oregon. Together with his wife and three kids they manage a camp horse program called

Morrow Ranch Camp  


Teddy holds five international certifications in horsemanship including the title of master instructor (MI) through the Certified Horsemanship Association (The largest horsemanship certifying body in the US). He has served on boards for two national horse associations and

  managed large horse herds in three states. He is a carded ASHA judge and

farrier instructor with

Mission Farrier School. 


Teddy is known for being both a constant learner and teacher.

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Scott DePaolo

Scott DePaolo has been certified instructor since 1993. Scott is a pack and trail assistant clinic instructor, level 2 Western, level 2 English, EFM assistant clinic instructor, and a CHA site visitor.  Scott has worked in the horse industry since 1982 and has been the Ranch Manager at Butte Creek Scout Ranch for over 25 years. The past five years Scott has worked on a equine assisted psychotherapy team using horses to help heal troubled youth and recovering adults. Certified as an equine specialist with the EGALA.  Scott believes in the positive effects of experiential learning, that horses can be used to build character and teach positive personality


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