Frequently asked questions

What is an Equest?

An Equest is simply a term we use for our "facebook group" based programs. Loosly we like to think of an Equest as a horsemanship challenge with a coaching component. Others with the same passion, join in the same challenge at the same time. Together we will all grow and learn from eachothers experiances.

What is the Equest Community?

We provide a private well managed facebook page that members can be a part of and enjoy durring their time participating in an equest. This provides a great sounding board as well as community relationships with people who are participating in the same challenges.

I signed up, now what?

Welcome to the Live Equestrian family. Make sure you are able to access the challenge manager through the email you recieved. It will require that you be logged into the site. Every day there will be new steps and new video content for you to enjoy as part of your equest journey.

I am still struggeling with my horse. HELP PLEASE!

Hey, we get it! We have all found ourselves at an impass with our horses. It's OK to share those things with the commuity. Share your struggles today. Share your success tomorrow. Lets make the journey together. Remember, you arn't on your own. Often other group members are dealing with the same thing and may have a good solution. From time to time our coaches or other experts will join the Equest to provide additional feedback. The daily videos are designed to stimulate ideas, not provide full solutions to horse related issues. Thats where the 30/50 community can really help so jump on the facebook group and let us know whats up

Are equests confidential?

Only other equest members will have access to the Facebook groups. We moderate to make sure that peoples ideas and methods are respected but also fit within industry standards of animal welfare. We use guidelines outlined by the animal welfare council, and our own experiance as horseowners (over 100 years combine). We do ask that members keep the contents of our facebook groups and member forums confidential so community members have a place to communicate openly. Failure to hold group info in confidence will result in the participants removal from the equest at their own expence. We want this to be a trusting open community where people can share real life struggles and recieve positive encouragement.