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A video rodeo Equest is an exciting and creative  (Video Scavenger Hunt) competition that involves participants completing a set of unique and challenging tasks while riding their horses and filming themselves or having someone else film them. The competition is open to anyone with a horse, a smartphone or computer with internet access and Facebook account plus a video editing app. (free ones are available)

The video rodeo  involves ten diverse elements or manuvers that may vary in difficulty but are carefully designed to encourage riders to explore new horizons and break out of their comfort zones.


These elements could include anything from riding through water, jumping over obstacles, to performing dressage movements or executing a specific trail pattern.

Live Equestrian is proud to offer three Video Rodeos for the spring of 2023.


The Oregon Equestrian

  • An adventure equest scavenger hunt that can only be completed in Oregon


The Adventure Equestrian

  • Elements designed to get you out riding on crazy adventures


The Arena Equestrian

  • Important arena fundamentals to challenge you. 


Participants in any of the three active equests will have until May 22 to submit videos to the private Video Rodeo facebook group. Live Equestrian will judge and award the top three riders in each equest. 


Judging is based on smoothness on the part of the rider, willingness/obedience on the part of the horse, and degree of difficulty. Riders can score higher on elements by adding their own degree of difficulty as long as the actual maneuver is performed and video clips are limited to 30 seconds.

Video Rodeo Equest (Signup)

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